Have you ever heard God’s heart beat? If not, let me help you get in a position to hear His heart beat?

First, we must be born again. “My sheep know my voice and a stranger they will not follow.” (St. John 10)

Second, we must rise up early in the morning. (Psalm 63:1)

Third, we must find a quiet place. (Psalm 91)

Fourth, we must enter our quiet p1ace with a clean heart, confess our sins daily, and be willing to repent. (Psalm 51)

Fifth, we must be still and listen attentively.

At this point, we will begin to sense the presence of the Lord, and he that hath an ear will hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to His people. (Matt.11:16) It will probably not be a loud audible voice, but a still small voice (or impression). This voice in your ear, or impression on your heart, will tell you what’s in God’s heart. Hear and obey!

Let me share here what I first heard the Lord say to me nearly 40 years ago. His voice is getting louder and louder these days.

Shortly after I was saved in 1976, and after following the above prerequisites, I was in my secret closet and had a wonderful spiritual experience. I was in a white robe in a hospital. Walking down the corridor of the hospital, I entered into the first room I came to. Upon entering I saw a person in a white robe. That person sat straight up in bed and touched their eyes. Instinctively, I knew that they had been blind but now could see. The person I was watching leaped up out of the bed and we formed a line down the corridor.

Together we entered the second room. The same scenario took place. The person in the white robe set straight up in bed, touched their lips and began to move their mouth. But I heard no words. However, I knew they had been dumb but could now speak. They also leaped out of bed and joined the two of us who had already formed a line down the corridor of the hospital.

The next room we went in the same thing happened. The person in the white robe set straight up in bed, touched their ears, and we knew they could now hear. That person jumped out of bed and got in line outside in the corridor of the hospital. Now there were four of us.

Coming towards us was a person in a wheelchair. When he saw us, he jumped out of the chair and began to walk to the end of the line. Now there five of us.

Up to this point, there was no talking in the vision until I began to praise the Lord out loud. “Praise God, Praise God, the people of God are healing the sick.” I was so joyful. However, the Lord stopped me in the middle of the praise and said these words:

“Beloved, this is not what you think. These are not my people healing the sick. These are my people and they are the ones who are sick. They have eyes, but don’t see what I see. They have ears, but don’t know my voice. They have lips, but don’t speak my word. They have legs, but don’t go where I send them. What you see is my sick body of believers. They have been disobedient to the heavenly vision. But, lo, the day will come when I will heal my body and they will do mighty exploits in My Name. Soon and very soon now, I will stretch forth My healing Hand and heal them of their draw back spirit. For I, the Lord, have spoken and I will bring My word to pass.”

People of God, let he who hath an ear hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.