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Inspirational Prayer Cloth

prayer cloth

Inspirational Healing Cloths with over 20 healing statements of faith written in 1st person. Each statement references specific scripture.


FAITH: Use it or Lose it! 

Pick up any morning newspaper, turn on the local or worldwide news, listen to the conversations of your family, friends, and associates, and you will know that there is a whole lot of shaking going on. People are fearful.

No one wants to be reminded that millions have lost their jobs, billions of dollars have been lost in the stock market. Hundreds of thousands of homes have been foreclosed. Countries are warring against each other. Homicides are happening every minute. And trillions of dollars for our future have been spent. What do we do? Are there options? Indeed, there are. Here's two:

First, pick up your Bible and read Hebrews 11 about faith. Then, pick up a copy of Dr. Mary Edwards' new book, Faith: Use It or Lose it!

In her book, published by Leaves of Gold Consulting, LLC, Edwards gives insightful help on how to obtain, maintain, and increase one's faith.


Topics include:

  • What is Faith?

  • Why have faith in God

  • Levels of Faith

  • Faith Killers

  • Dealing with weariness, wrong attitudes, trust, patience, discipline, joy and prayer

The book concludes with testimonies written by men and women who have in the past and continue to walk by faith and not by sight.

Edwards has had first-hand experience in all of the areas she writes about. A seasoned writer, widow, and ordained minister, her writings always have been transparent, easy to read, and applicable. She openly shares with her readers how they can survive and thrive, insight of the many challenges facing us today.



TRANSITION:  From Widowhood... to Womanhood

When you think of the word, "Widow," what comes to your mind? Many people, including some widows themselves, think of the words: lonely, poor, dependent, pitiful, a loser.

In this 89-page resource handbook, Minister Edwards will help you change your mind and get on with your life.

Contains testimonies from nine widows who have done so, 20 tips for helping you make your transition from widowhood to a new you.



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